The 4th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: Europe

The 4th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: Europe

3rd - 4th Apr 2017 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Join us in Amsterdam for Collaborations in Microbiota Research, Probiotics, Health & Disease

The 4th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: Europe, hosted by Global Engage will this year be co-located with the Probiotic Congress: Europe. If looking to either learn more from the top scientists in the microbiome space; showcase exciting developments in your research; or seek partnerships and funding within the industry; it is a congress not to be missed.

Recent research has demonstrated the importance of our microbes in our maintaining health and their possible use in treating and preventing disease. As microbial dysbiosis has been shown to be linked to several long-term diseases; approaches that modify our microbiome by adding or removing individual microbes or entire microbial communities have been shown to have a significant impact on the health of an individual. This potential to use the microbiome as a therapy and to design treatments customised to the patient’s microbiome has created a rapidly growing interest from the pharmaceutical industry and investors and it looks set to continue to grow in the coming years with the emerging microbiome market expected to reach US$658 million by 2023. There is a rich source of information, backing and partnering opportunities for researchers and companies looking for opportunities in this field.

Cobra provides expert process development and scale up of customers’ live biotherapeutic microbiota vaccine products, manufacturing to cGMP standards for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial scale. Get in touch and pre-arrange your meeting with Philip Ridley-Smith and Lisa Sundin in Amsterdam today.

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