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9th December 2016 | General

A selection of links and downloadable magazine articles


Lindbom Sierakowiak E. Factory in the Forest: Planning to Scale Up with Development Section. Pharma Outsourcing 2016. December 2016. (Including comments by Lars Fahlander and Peter Boman)

Hitchcock T. Manufacturing Plasmid DNA: Ensuring Adequate Supplies for Gene and Cell Therapies. BioProcess International. October 2016.

Cobra Expanderar på CDMO-marknaden för Biologiska Läkemedel (Cobra Expands on the CDMO-Market for Biological Drugs). Läkemedelsmarknaden. September 2016. (Interview with Magnus Gustafsson, Sales Director Cobra Biologics)

Willis RC. Special Report on Stem Cells: Finding Common Ground. DDN News. August 2016. (Including comments by Dr Daniel Smith, CSO Cobra Biologics)

Ashton L. Cobra and Lancaster Partnership Helps Unravel New Analytical Tool for DNA Topology. BioProNet Case Study. April 2016.

Lindbom Sierakowick E. Levande Bakterier Ställar Nya Krav (Live Bacteria Places New Demands). Life Science Sweden. October 2015.

Lopes AG, Selas Castineinas T, Hitchcock AG and Smith DC. Cost-Effective Process Development for Plasmid DNA Manufacture: Evaluation of Single-Use Technologies to Support Escherichia coli Culture. BioProcess International. October 2015.

Garguilo L. 7 CEOs Say It's All About The "Bios": Biotechs, Biopharmaceuticals and Biosimilars. Outsourced Pharma. March 2015. (Interview with Peter Coleman, CEO Cobra Biologics)

Halstead I. Cobra Bites Back after Tough Times. Business Quarter Magazine. Spring 2015. (Interview with Peter Coleman, CEO Cobra Biologics)

Hanak J. The Rise and Rise of Cobra Biologics. UKSPA Innovation Into Success. Spring 2015: 95-98. (Link to ebook)

Lange I. Chhatre S. and Zoro B. Reducing Timelines in Early Process Development - Using a Multiparametric Clone-Selection and Feed-Optimization Strategy. BioProcess International. November 2014.

Garguilo L. A One-Stop-Shop For Biologics Production In Europe. Outsourced Pharma. October 2014.

Stanton D. Consultant: For CMO selection, its the (molecule) size that counts! BioPharma-Reporter. July 2014. (Quoted John Little, QC Manager Cobra Biologics)

Lange I. Lae K. and Skoging-Nyberg U. Microbioreactors for Process Applications: Novel Approach for Cell-Line Development and Improving Decision Making at Early Stages. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. February 2014. Vol 34: No 3.

Ellis J. Interview: Focussed and Determined. Manufacturing Chemist Pharma. December 2013: 26-27. (Interview with Peter Coleman, CEO Cobra Biologics)

Hitchcock T. Viral Vaccine Manufacturing. BioPharm International. February 2013: 16-17

Cranenburgh RM. DNA Vaccine Delivery. Biopharm International. October 2011: s12-s18.

Williams SG and Cranenburgh RM. Improving protein yields in mammalian cells. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. June 1st 2009: 48-49.

Hitchcock T. Production of recombinant whole-cell vaccines with disposable manufacturing systems. Bioprocess International. May 2009: 36-43.

Williams SG and Cranenburgh RM. Improving clone production for increased protein yield from mammalian cell lines. Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology 26, 52-56, October 2008.

Cranenburgh RM. Needle-Free Methods of Vaccination. BioPharm International. January 2nd, 2008.

Reece-Ford M, Hitchcock AG and Lipinski K. Aspects of process development for virus vector production to improve quality and quantity. Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, January 2008.

Stockbridge P. Deviations and failure investigation. GMP Review, July 2007, Vol 6: 4-7.

Williams SG. Increasing protein yields from transfected cells. Drug Discovery Plus International, June-July 2007: 10-12.

Cranenburgh RM. Antibiotic-free systems for production. Genetic Engineering News, August 2006: 61.

Cranenburgh RM, Bloor AE, Leckenby MW and Hanak JAJ. Engineering bacteria for DNA medicine production. European Biopharmaceutical Review, Spring 2004: 106-110.

Thatcher DR, Cranenburgh RM and Hanak JAJ. Innovation in DNA manufacture. Helix April 2000: 14-17.
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