Stand Alone Cell Line Development Services

Cobra provides cell line, strain and vector development for DNA, protein and virus products with cloning services from any gene to any source. We have worked with a wide range of cell lines and utilise a variety of advanced technologies.

For mammalian protein products (originator and biosimilars), Cobra’s maxXpress service enables the rapid production of recombinant proteins and antibodies while ensuring efficient expression, while the Ambr™ system aids the development and optimisation of cell culture parameters.

For microbial protein products (originator and biosimilars), Cobra’s antibiotic-free maintenance system ORT® provides highly stable, antibiotic-free plasmids.
We also offer expression plasmid and host strain development and have a range of E.coli strains and expression systems available.

DNA vector development services include plasmid and strain construction, and we also utilise the ORT® system to produce stable, antibiotic-free and high copy-number plasmids that are effective for gene therapy and DNA vaccines

For virus products we can deliver vector development services for plasmid and cell line construction, can implement virus rescue, genetic stability testing, and have the capability for characterisation and plaque purification.

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