PEGylation Platform Technical Design

To address the shortcomings of current PEGylation methods
Current PEGylation methods have a number of critical drawbacks which may reduce their applicability in biopharmaceutical development. To address the shortcomings of current methods, QuiaPEG has developed a practical method for synthesis and purification of activated PEG reagents, resulting in a highly homogeneous PEG.

This proprietary PEG material, together with the novel PEGylation methods, know-how and purification protocols, enables simple and efficient PEGylation and subsequent purification of the PEGylated product.  
The innovation is based on the introduction of:
  • a specific activating/functionalizing group to the PEG molecule allowing simultaneous isolation of mono-functionalized fraction of PEG
  • a novel bridge which links the PEG chain to its reactive group and finally, to the protein or peptide

Additionally, QuiaPEGs method allows for easy detection and characterization of any remaining impurities present in a particular batch of PEG as well as defining the grade of its purity.
Using this proprietary material in PEGylation enables a faster and cheaper process, which compared to current PEGylation technologies results in:
  • higher yield
  • fewer impurities
  • a more homogenous end product
The link between the PEG polymer and the protein/peptide is both chemically and enzymatically stable.

More about Superior PEGylation Platform (in partnership with QuiaPEG)...

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