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Microbiome Drug Development Europe 2018

The profound impact that microbial communities have on human health is providing new therapeutic and diagnostic modalities to effectively treat disease. As a result of this excitement, the human microbiome has become a gold mine of opportunity for emerging biotech, established pharmaceutical companies, investors and researchers.

Part of the global “Microbiome Movement Series” the Microbiome Drug Development Summit will be the foremost event for industry leaders to help accelerate the precise translation of microbiome R&D from disease causation into safe, effective and commercially scalable therapeutics.

Download the full programme here to see how leading researchers are addressing unique scientific and product developmental challenges when bringing about a new age of microbiome-based therapeutics.

Pre-arrange to meet with your local Cobra representatives Philip Ridley-Smith and Magnus Gustafsson using the simple form below to discuss your microbiota development and manufacturing requirements.


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