BLOG: Post #21Cmed Event

When we first starting working on a meeting to highlight the successes at Cobra over recent years and the pioneering work in Keele within the ISTM on the development cell and gene therapy to schools and the local community, we had no idea how successful and how well the Cell & Gene Therapy: 21st Century Medicines #21Cmed event would be received.

Inevitably ahead of such events we had concerns of “would anyone be interested”, “would anyone turn up” etc., so it was great that we had 150 register, with students from across the area and even as far away as Harrogate attending the event. The event went wonderfully well, and great thanks are owed to Suzanne Murray and Lara Peacock for planning and organising the event and to all the speakers for the time and effort spent putting together their presentations. Also a big thank you is owed to all those who attended including teachers and parents who proved to be great support for the event.

We also had some interesting questions and discussions with the students and public alike and very positive feedback during and after the event; it is very rewarding to find such a level of interest from the audience.

Whilst this started as a one off meeting, as we went through the development of the presentations and meeting and started engaging with local schools, it became increasingly apparent that there is great potential for additional meetings and presentations. Both the ISTM and Cobra see engagement with local schools as increasingly important and we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the event; what you liked or what worked less well for you. Looking forward to finding out what kinds of events, formats and presentations you would like to see from us in the future.



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