ON DEMAND: Webinar in Collaboration with Sartorius Stedim

ambr®250 modular is a new high performance benchtop bioreactor system for parallel fermentation or cell culture in 100-250mL single-use vessels.

Its expandable design combines 2, 4, 6 or 8 bioreactor stations, with a touch screen and a new fully-integrated vessel design, to enable rapid set up and turnaround of experiments, reducing the time required to complete an experimental campaign.

In this webinar initially broadcast live in November 2016, Dr Andrew Frazer, Process Development Leader at Cobra Biologics, describes how the ambr®250 modular system has been implemented at Cobra Biologics to fast track process development and screening for microbial products and platform processes.

Dr Frazer discusses improvements in throughput, as well as flexibility and analysis capabilities to deliver readily-scalable microbial processes with reduced timelines versus traditional autoclavable bioreactor systems.

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Sartorius press release, 31st October 2016