BLOG: Meet the Speakers #21Cmed

Cell & Gene Therapy: 21st Century Medicines, a collaboration between Keele University, Cobra Biologics and the Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult, promises to be an eye-opening and interesting evening. Meet the speakers:

Sharon Brownlow Sharon Brownlow, Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult

Sharon has over 25 years of bioprocessing experience and currently holds the position of Head of Collaborations at the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult manufacturing centre.

Tony Hitchcock Tony Hitchcock, Cobra Biologics

Tony has over 30 years’ experience in the development and manufacturing of cutting edge biopharmaceutical medicines including over 20 years experience in the field of gene therapy working of over 20 new gene therapy projects including one of the first licenced gene therapy projects. He currently works as Technical Director at Cobra working with the commercial and operational groups across the company

George Prout George Prout, Cobra Biologics

George studied Biochemistry with Neuroscience at Keele University, graduating with a 2:1 in 2014. George joined Cobra Biologics in 2015 as a scientist working in the manufacturing facility; he was seconded into R&D to develop a viral vector manufacturing platform for 8 months during this period. In August 2017 George was promoted to senior scientist in R&D as part of the mammalian and virus group.

James Richardson James Richardson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon/Professor of Orthopaedics

“I wanted to be a chippy and ended up doing hip and knee replacements”

James is a Professor of Orthopaedics at Keele University. He received his MD from Aberdeen university and studied in several Centres across the UK before reaching Oswestry. His studies began with the biomechanics of fracture healing but even then he studied cells in culture. His focus is now on the repair of cartilage, in particular with the use of cartilage cells cultured from the patient to be treated. He uses the novel Vitamin E loaded polythene ‘ Vitamys’ implant for hip replacement.

At the Oswestry Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust James Richardson is responsible for the co-ordinating diagnosis, treatment and research of patients with cartilage defects. He is the Clinical Director of Oscell, an MHRA approved cell production facility operating at the NHS trust. As Director of the Institute of Orthopaedics he has a role in enabling courses run by the Institute and a series of books published to provide education in orthopaedics.

Different clinical trials are run with the intention of developing and testing cell therapies in orthopaedics. He is Principal investigator on two MRC grants (ACTIVE and ASCOT) and a Co-Investigator for the Arthritis Research UK Tissue Engineering Centre Grant.


For further details of the Cell & Gene Therapy: 21st Century Medicines event on Wednesday 6th December, and to register for FREE, click here.


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