Plasmid DNA

  • High Quality (HQ) plasmid suitable for gene and immuno-oncology therapies

  • GMP DNA manufacturing for gene therapy

  • GMP DNA for production of viral vectors

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HQ Plasmid DNA

Our High Quality (HQ) offering adopts features of Cobra’s GMP manufacture with a 6 week delivery time. HQ plasmid can be used as an ancillary or starting material for the clinical manufacture of immuno-oncology therapies, for example in AAV, lentiviral vector and CRISPR products.

Current standard offerings for HQ supply are from 50mg to 500mg of purified plasmid; this can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

HQ production is performed in a Class 2 segregated laboratory using HQ production cell banks as starting material. The HQ grade plasmids are released with a Certificate of Testing and QA TSE Certification.

Viral Vectors

Our team has experience with the following viruses:

  • Adenovirus
  • HSV
  • AAV
  • Lentivirus

Visit our viral vector section for further information.

As an specialised Advanced Therapy CDMO, with almost 20 years experience in the field, Cobra can provide a seamless service right through to clinical and commercial supply. In terms of timelines, we aim for a production cell bank within two weeks and then just four weeks to plasmid.

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