INTERVIEW: Matti Sällberg discusses OPENCORONA on SVT

The race between the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination continues, with new mutations emerging and a next generation of vaccines in development. In this interview, Prof. Matti Sällberg, Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Karolinska Institute, and project lead for the OPENCORONA DNA vaccine project, explains how the research group is adapting and optimising its DNA vaccine to deal with virus mutations.

Prof. Sällberg takes us on a tour of the BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3) laboratories and demonstrates how an electroporation device could be used to administer the vaccine, using electrical pulses to "open" skeletal muscles allowing the DNA vaccine to enter the cells.

Cobra is proud to be part of the OPENCORONA consortium, supporting global efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic (read the press release in full here).

Credit: SVT 27Apr21

Watch the interview: The World of Science: The Vaccine and the Mutations (segment begins 44:45) 

First shown SVT Nyheter 26Apr2021