Cell Banking

Cobra can provide cell banking and full GMP certification to support customers’ protein projects. Working within cGMP manufacturing regulations, we can supply and maintain both Master & Working Cell Banks (MCB & WCB). Additionally, we can provide GMP cell bank storage and secondary site storage for added security.

Upstream Process

A technical manufacturing specification is generated to detail the manufacturing process for the production and approved by Cobra’s operations group. Work can then begin on media preparation and multistep scale up from vial through to our seed fermentor; feeding into the main large scale vessel. Following the fermentation process the material is harvested and concentrated using Tangential flow filtration (TFF).  

Downstream Process

Cobra is able to offer large chromatography purification with the required buffer preparation.

Analytical Development & Qualification

Cobra has an analytical portfolio providing full support for our customers for assay transfer, assay development, qualification and validation.

Shipping studies to determine stability for transportation including variations in temperature, humidity, light and oxygen levels can be undertaken as required.

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